Packing Tips

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Packing Tips

Shree Karni Packers and Movers offer some useful tips which will help during relocation. The following packing techniques will help to avoid damage of your valuable goods.

  • Items like boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, scissors, marking pen are important and needed during packing.

  • Select strong boxes which can hold valuable fragile things so that they are secured tightly.

  • Avoid loading more than 100 kg in one box.

  • Label each box correctly saying that what it contains and where is that box supposed to go like in hall or kitchen.

  • Make use of towels, tissue, blankets to wrap fragile items.

  • Use leak proof containers to pack medicines or any leak proof container.

  • Make use of boxes to pack all your goods for greater protection. It also makes loading easy.

  • Pack goods of each room in a different box and name it accordingly.

  • Start packing several weeks before.

  • Things which are of less use are supposed to go in first.

  • Seal the bottom of the box with tape.

  • Pack heavy items like books in smaller boxes.

  • You can make use of cushions, soft toys, and light weight linens as fillers to avoid breakage.

  • Make sure that objects with sharp ends are packed separately as they can puncture other objects